So I figure I’ll start taking this seriously. I break out the tulip shaped Glencairn whisky glass with the notion of drinking this straight. I’m gently cupping the tumbler, letting it slowly warm to my body temperature. The amber liquid coats the sides while I listen to Miles on vinyl and consider why I need a leather holster for my Bluetooth earpiece.

So much honey and brown sugar on the nose, clean hay and sweetness! I take a sip and it comes in hot and hard with a burst of spice and leaves behind a sour rye tang and a lingering warmth in the throat. It’s got a clean bite but overall a bit prickly for my taste.

Thing is, I like my whisky on ice. I know this obviously means I must be a fan of footie pyjamas, cosmopolitans and sparkly vampires. The thing is, the water smoothes out the harsh edges of the Dark Horse – or “opens it up” if you prefer – rounding it out and lightening it up leaving behind only a slight rye bittersweet aftertaste. This I could drink all night – and in fact have on several occasions. Nice and clean and at $29.95 a bottle it’s been my go to these past few weeks. Unlike the Collingwood, which is frankly Canada in a bottle at a similar price point, no nasty hangover.

Alberta Distillers have been doing some great stuff lately. While its entry point is at home in the trailer park, (it is Lahey’s drink of choice after all) its 30 year old rye is fantastic and reasonably priced while the Dark Horse just continues the trend. It’s a solid rye base with a “dollop” of  bourbon and a smidgen of sherry. Another fantastic recommendation.